Brick Mailbox Designs

There are lots of benefits to have brick mailbox designs. Take a ride in the country and look at mailboxes. For every 100 you see, at least 98 of them are metal. You buy a $5.99 metal mailbox at a discount store, and spent a few dollars for a wooden post for it. There you have it, a country mailbox. But a brick mailbox design is much more beautiful, and sometimes more importantly is much more sturdy.

Add to that country road a bunch of kids with nothing to do in the evening but ride around with a baseball bat and try to knock off as many metal mailboxes as they can. It happens every day in some area of another. Kids will be kids and they think it’s funny.

Again, take a ride down that same road where the kids knocked off the metal mailboxes and you will find at least one mailbox that is still intact, because it isn’t metal and it isn’t on a post. It happens to be a brick mailbox. Once upon a time only the rich folks had this type of mailbox, some of them were natural or man made stone. They were a sign of importance, and indicated that the people living in that home must be rich to have such a fancy mailbox.

Besides the fact that the kids cannot know it over, there are other benefits of having one of these lovely mail containers in your front yard. If your home is brick, then some of the leftover bricks can be used to build it. Instead of dumping the bricks in the trash, you put them to good use.

You can run an electric line to the brick mailbox and have a light installed. The light would add a nice decorative touch and also help people find your house. You can also put your house numbers on the structure. You would have to use a special drill bit to attach the numbers.

Another benefit of this type of mail container is that it won’t blow over in a wind storm and the mail is very safe. If a car hits it then it may be damaged.

If you are a handy, do-it-yourself type person, then you can build a brick mailbox design yourself. If not, you can hire a handyman or a contractor to build yours. Sketch out a design you like, don’t make it too fancy, and go from there. Check with the post office to find out about any particular restrictions regarding the size, location, for your brick mailbox.