Brick Repair Mortars

Brick repair mortars have improved over the years. Originally, all repairs were made using any color of mortar that was available. As this market grew, it has become necessary to match the new mortar to the original mortar around the home. This practice of brick restoration has been in use for nearly ten years. However, there are newer methods available which allow for more precise mortar matching. Now, you can match any mortar every time.

Twenty years ago, custom mortar matching was completely unheard of. In fact, ten years ago this idea was laughed at. All repairs were performed as side projects, and were not expected to match mortar colors. You can see evidence of this on nearly any old building on your local town square.

Over the past ten years, it has become more desired to have your mortar matched to the original mortars in a building simply because public awareness of this ability. However, many of the contractors in this market still laugh and think that custom mortars are simple marketing tactics and have proclaimed they too can match these mortars. With these contractors, custom mortar matching simply means that they will make an attempt to get the mortar close.

There are companies around that can and do match you mortars, but most of the companies are only getting close. The companies that can and do match your brick repair mortars are using certified mortar matching.

Certified mortar matches are lab analyzed matches. Samples are taken from the mortar joints of a project and sent into the lab. These mortar samples are tested for their general hardness and composition. Each color tone in the samples are identified and matched. This includes local contaminates that may be found in the mortar which change it texture or color.

After a formula is created to match the samples taken, the formula is physically tested and confirmed to match the samples taken. From these confirmed formulas, certified pre-mix mortars are created, and shipped out to be used. These pre-mix mortars are guaranteed to match the original mortar colors.

Make sure that your contractor is using certified mortar matches, and ensure that you are getting a job done right. These repairs are too costly to pay for poor mortar matching, and these certified mortars are available to everyone. You or your contractors have access to order certified mortar matches, and you don’t have to settle for less.Be sure it is a certified mortar match.