Brick Walls

It is great to watch a video clip or movie more than once. Even reading a book more than once is very beneficial sometimes. As I sit here in the morning, with my coffee, the sun coming up and an open doorwall to let the fresh air in; I got to thinking.

Brick Walls.

After watch the video "The Last Lecture" with my Leadership classes and reading some comments from my students, it got me thinking about a big comment that Randy Pausch made in the video. He says that Brick Walls are placed in our lives not to stop us from going after our goals (which they seem to do for many people, including me).

They are meant to see how bad we want something.

He also mentioned that sometime those brick walls are made of flesh … people. Others can hold us back from going after our goals and dreams too. Other people's negative opinions can do us damage, it can contribute to stopping us in our tracks. Our association plays an important part in our success in life.

The other part of that thought is that it's not just other people. It can be ourselves too.

Remember, we can do far more damage to ourselves with our negative thinking and the way we beat ourselves up. We can not get away from ourselves. We are around us, 24-7. We also need to get around the Brick Walls in our lives that are built there by ourselves.

Here's one thing to try and do as April comes into view here.

We need to silence the negative opinions of others and from ourselves too, and we need to move forward and take those action steps necessary to get closer to accomplishing something great. I was reminded about something last night in a webinar that I was plugged into. I'm holding myself back by my negative thinking about myself and what I worry about what others negative opinions are about me too.

No more.

Another point from Randy Pausch, actually it came from his wife in trying to deal with all the negative things going on with his cancer and all. She said two very powerful words.

Not helpful.

There are too many things that we all allow into our minds, from a variety of sources that are not helpful for what we have to do to make great things happen. What is that 1% forward step that you can take right now to begin to remove those negative brick walls and replace them with positive thoughts?

I'm always looking for feedback as hearing from you helps me, not only to help others, but also to help myself.

As I get another cup of coffee and feel the sun's rays coming into my kitchen, I look forward to hearing all the great things you are making changes to get over, around, under and through your brick walls.

Take care and keep in touch.