Bridal Makeup Tips For Flawless Wedding Makeup Application (Part 3 – Blush, Lipstick & Bronzer)

Every bride absolutely needs to get her makeup done right on her wedding day. No one can turn back the clock once the day is over. We've detailed many essential facts on the importance of wearing foundation (Part 1) and the steps involved in eye makeup application (Part 2). Now, we complete the entire bridal makeup look with many blush, lipstick and bronzer application tips and techniques.


Blush is possibly one of the most overlooked beauty products, however, it is probably one of the most important. It makes brides look healthier and more alive. Powder blush is the most popular type of blush, and the easiest to apply on humid days.

If you choose to wear a powder blush, layer the color on slightly heavier than usual and blend carefully. Focus on the apples of the cheeks for a light rosy hue.

When you apply blush to your cheeks, make sure your makeup brush is not damp. If it is not completely dry, you can get a streaky application.

Alternately, every blushing bride can opt to wear a cream or stain blush for all day coverage. Cheek stains are a fabulous alternative to traditional powder blush. Just a dab will give you that rosy wedding glow. The cosmetic line, Tarte has a great cheek stain in a few great colors that you might want to try. Dab on a nickel sized dot on apples of checks and swirl in circular motions, just as you would regular powder blush. Applying these stains ensures that your blush color lasts all day.


For lip color to last and to look flattering, there are a few options:

– find a lipstick that features a higher color pigmentation

– avoid pale colors as your lips will fade into your dress

– on the contrary, dark colors will completely offset your entire look

– use a lip tint and top off with a gloss

– use a waterproof lip pencil (in a matching color) over the entire lips and then, apply a semi-moist lipstick or gloss

– apply a little foundation to the lips before lipstick and lip liner application to create more staying-power

– for black and white photos, avoid dark lipsticks as they will look MORE dark in these pictures


Now that all of your makeup is on, finish off your wedding day look by using a bronzer. This will give you the most radiant & sun-kissed glow. In my opinion, the look of a bronzer on the face is second to none. It adds warmth to your face. Its application really makes a difference.

When selecting a bronzer, choose a shade that's no more than two shades darker than your skin.

Apply where the sun would normally warm the face, such as on tops of cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose and tip of chin. Avoid applying bronzer all over the face. To ensure proper application, be sure to use a large makeup brush with longer bristles.