Bridge Is A Wonderful Card Game

Bridge? Post why?

You will find that there are many different reasons why anyone would take up this game of bridge.

Some come from a family where their parents played bridge. Consequently the game was always around and frequently the subject of the conversation and / or argument.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a household where the parents played bridge but not with each other as partners you can very likely start your bridge career with the feeling that it is a nice and friendly game. It must be something that everyone wants to do because your parents do it so often and never stop talking about it. They constantly compare notes on how each and every card was played. They most often were totally convinced that any less than fantastic result was the fault of the partner who just did not know anything about the game.

However, on the other side, if your parents played with each other as partners the chance of your ever wanting to sit at a bridge table or even worse play a hand of bridge probably is quite remote. There is something about the game that prohibits the mixture of marriage and partnerships. To me this whole concept seems very strange because I thought, obviously naively, that marriage was about partnerships. Well this may be true, but certainly bridge partnerships seem to exhibit everything that you would never want in a marriage.

The Game Of Bridge

Assuming your were lucky enough to grow up liking the idea of ​​bridge and being anxious to get to become a part of it, let's look at the game itself.

If you follow a sensible and practical approach to the game you will entice a good friend to join you and the two of you will go take lessons from an expert.

You will begin your bridge life playing together, making the same mistakes and getting to know and love the game at more or less the same pace and with the same commitment.

One of the truly beautiful things about the game of bridge is that it is indeed a partnership game. No matter how good you are or are not, you have to have a partner to cooperate with and to grow in stature with.

One of the nice things about the game is that it is possible to play it and enjoy it at any and all levels.

Playing bridge at the first lesson is a real buzz. There are always places to play where you can play with and against players with more or less the same as your ability. So you and your partner can grow together.

If you are fortunate enough to find the right partner then you can enjoy each step of the way.

Bridge is available at any and every standard and with almost any and every reason or attitude for the game.


The game of bridge can be either a blessing or a curse. It is my fervent hope that for you it is a blessing and, if so, I look forward to meeting you and your partner soon.