Brief on Dual Wall Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing

It comes in varied materials and it is essential to choose the right one taking into consideration the requirements of your application.

The materials used range from polyolefin which can be thin walled or dual walled to dual-shrink PTFE / FEP type and the PEEK variety offered by some manufacturers. Each of them offers varying degrees of toughness and come with different performance features and is manufactured to suit the needs of varied applications. Let us discuss the dual wall tubing in brief.

The dual walled heat shrink tubes consist of two layers; the external layer is made of polyolefin which is lined inside with a hot melt adhesive. The two combined together forms a tough and snug fit over the cables, wires, connectors, terminals and other essential components. On heating, the inner adhesive layer melts and converts into a semi-solid or solid form providing a tight fit with a capacity to with stresses of high severity. The outer layer too offers a snug encapsulation over the inserted components. The outer layer is corrosion resistant and endowed with all the required chemical, electrical and mechanical properties to take in stress and environmental impacts. The largest advantage of this product is that it bonds with varied type of materials like plastics, metals and rubbers.

The covered parts are offered a double sealing and it becomes very difficult for the wire to be cut or get snapped during its working in any application. This is all because of the huge mechanical strength offered by its dual wall tubing. If these heat shrink tubes are used for electrical components or terminal connections they ensure a reliable flow of power between providing the required protection. In case of non-availability of traditional terminals or connectors, the dual-wall tubing is the best solution for joining or splicing wires if and when needed. The almost solid inner layer is capable of withstanding rough bending, pulling and stresses of vibrational nature and offers a permanent seal against moisture and other environmental factors.
The supple adhesive liner has the capacity to offer vast shrink ratios to be used for the varied applications.

The tubing is resistant to copper corrosion, chemicals and fungus. It is thus suitable for applications requiring demanding fulfillment criteria like in the military, aeronautical, telecommunications, railways and electronic applications. It is however, always essential to obtain the heat shrink products such as the heat shrink tubes, heat shrink molded shapes and many others from reputable manufacturers who adhere to global standards for the manufacture of their items. Getting good quality products alone help to ensure high performance and smooth running of your industrial or commercial application. So, when you need protection to your wires and cables think of heat shrink products from reputed manufacturers.