Bright Lighting Ideas For Trade Show Exhibits

There are few things known to attract the eye quite like lighting effects. From glinting sunlight to targeted, focused mood lights, nothing can influence a setting and grab attention like illumination. Savvy trade show exhibits professionals take into account this major tool, using it to highlight their displays and make the most of any exhibition area.

Lighting Trade Show Exhibits

If your exhibit area is too dark, it’s obvious that extra light is required. Even well-lit places can benefit from additional bulbs. Most companies that produce trade show exhibits will create built-in compatibility with various lighting systems just in case you’d like to use them. Setting up the actual illumination is not the difficult element of design.

Generally speaking, it will be attached at the top of the portable exhibit and then pointed back toward the display board. This simple design allows for easy attachment and detachment of the system, and prevents it from being damaged when the booth is dismantled. There is some variety amongst different systems, including how configurable each bulb is and other small details.

Choosing The Best Style

Although the actual system is not complicated, picking the best way to implement it and deciding the best effect can be difficult. The key is to choose what type of feeling you’d like to evoke before beginning to plan anything more concrete. For most trade show exhibits, illumination should be used to highlight particularly important elements and attract attention. These two goals can often be accomplished by the same set, but that will depend upon the exact portable exhibit. If this is your goal, simply determine the most important elements of your display and ensure that the light hits them prominently.

Specialty Lighting For Specialty Booths

Most displays require only simple lighting effects. However, when special designs present opportunities for a more specialized option, thinking outside the box can reap big rewards. In some cases, companies will produce displays which block out the outside light. This may be to display a particular aspect of the product, in which case lighting should be restricted to allow the product to shine. It may also simply be for dramatic effect. If so, then illumination can be used to have an even more intense impact on visitors. In an otherwise darkened area, a dim light is a great spotlight. Just be careful that no area is so dim that they will have trouble readjusting to the light outside of your booth.

Fine Tuning Your Display

One of the most important things to remember about illumination is that it should be adjustable. Every convention will have different levels of lighting, and even the same building will have different lighting at different points inside. You need to be able to adjust the lights to match, or you risk too much or too little brightness. Both will lead your guests to ignore your specialty illumination and cause your intended high-impact area to go unnoticed. With proper planning and the ability to tweak settings, you’ll get a great result from your chosen illumination in every convention situation.