Britain's Toy Soldiers

Collecting toy figures is a great pastime for young and old. Toy soldiers can bring back many pleasant memories and it can be very affordable or very expensive depending on your taste. The William Britain line of toys, often referred to as Britain's toy soldiers.

Britain's toys catalog contained thousands of toys models before the use of lead in toys became a huge concern and these models had to stop being distributed. In 1966 the Britain toy soldiers began to be made as plastic figures with metal bases. Then in 1973, Britain started producing models in die cast alloys and pewter that were lead free. These more traditional models were targeting the souvenir market and soon became the standard. The W. Britain name was the best in its class and many toy model manufacturers did their best to copy Britain's work.

The William Britain line is not simply comprised of soldier figures. There are thousands of different figures and vehicles that have been created and distributed for this toy line. Currently the company that owns the W. Britain brand is First Gear, a company based in the US that has built a very good reputation as being a premier distributor of die cast toys and models.

The W. Britain brand has weathered many problems over the years and is very well placed to continue thriving for years to come. With literally 100 years of history behind it, W. Britain's toys soldiers should continue soldiering on for at least 100 years more!