Broken Or Slick Pavement – The Greatest Reason For Increase In Road Accident Claims

A road accident, car accident, motor vehicle accident, cycle accident or a motorcycle accident includes a broad range of accidents that may occur when one automobile collides with the other vehicle, pedestrian, animal, tree, broken pavements, pothole, utility pole or any other movable or fixed object that may or may not unexpectedly appear on the road. As a result of such incidents, a person can suffer an injury in the form of face, chest, whiplash, leg, knee, or any other damages that can occasionally lead to disability or death depending upon its severity. During the accident, a person can also suffer the damages in terms of property or a vehicle. These days, it has been noticed that the road traffic accidents are increasing at the horrific rate. Both the developing as well as the developed countries are also encountering these calamities. The authorities and management are presently taking important steps to reduce those fatalities.

How Broken Or Slick Pavements Can Increase Road Accidents

It has been observed that the broken or slick pavement is of the biggest reason of road accidents. It is the responsibility of the Government to make the roads, highways, footpaths and pathways clearer and safer for the motorists so that the drivers or the local people do not feel any hazard(s). In case if the person gets an injury due to the following reasons, he/she can also make public liability claims. Following types of broken or slick pavements can increase road accidents:

  • Water was standing on the road when the car slipped due to its speed and sudden brakes.
  • Asymmetry or defective concrete slab on the road or pathway due to which the car or a person suddenly hits.
  • Invisible ice due to which the person or the car gets slipped on the road.
  • Pothole or depression at the surface of the road or pavement due to which the car hit or the person slipped, tripped or fall.

Injuries Caused By Broken Or Slick Pavements

Usually, the broken or slick pavements only create minor injuries rather than the severe damages. However, there are certain injuries that can lead to the disability or death depending upon its severity. Among the most infrequent injuries that people can face due to the broken or slick pavements as well as slipping, tripping or falling are the broken bones, sprains, deep scratches or cuts, concussion and many more. The minor injuries mostly include the whiplash injury, leg and knee injury in the form of fracture, stretching of leg muscles or dislocation of the joints.