Brooklyn Bridge – Landmark of New York City

Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge is a great experience. There are numerous bridges are present in the United States, but still this bridge is the major attraction of New York City. Due to its magnificent construction, it is becoming more popular around the world. In the year 1883, the construction of this bridge was completed. It connects the Manhattan's New York City boroughs and Brooklyn by spanning across the East River. If you are planning to visit New York, then try to experience this place and make your vacation memorable. The beauty of Brooklyn Bridge is well maintained by the New York Department of Transportation.

This historical monument is considered as one of the oldest suspension bridges which are present in the US It is also ranked as the longest suspension bridge in the globe. This bridge was the first steel-wire suspension bridge. After opening ceremony of this bridge, it becomes the landmark of this beautiful city. Now, this iconic part of city's skyline offers amazing views of New York. Initially, the name of this bridge was New York and Brooklyn Bridge, but later on, it was dubbed as just Brooklyn Bridge.

In the year 1964, it is designated as the National Historic Landmark. Its Neo-Gothic towers are also very famous. At the end of this bridge, the pedestrian walkway is available. It is a Broadway which you might have been seen anywhere else. Around this bridge, there are numerous stunning views. Hence, make sure that you carry your camera along with you. Before visiting this bridge, do not forget to collect all the details about this place. To avoid the traffic, you can use the option of pedestrian path. Take pictures of the great views of the towers of the bridge. All these views easily grab the attention of the visitors. The length of this Brooklyn Bridge is around 1,595-feet, 6-inches and the width is 85 feet.

The opening ceremony of this bridge was held on 24 May 1883. From this Brooklyn Bridge numerous vehicles like bicycle, motor vehicles, and elevated trains are passing daily. It does not charge anything from the people who are using this bridge. It connects the two various areas over the big river. To enter on this bridge, you have options such as the New York Department of Transportation, pearl streets and exit at the 28B of the eastbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Most motor cars can enter the bridge from either direction of the FDR Drive, Chambers / Centre Streets, Park Row, and Frankfort Streets in Manhattan.