Mango Muscles

Well, I started lifting weights about 6 months ago and nothing. Monday: Three hours in the gym, go home look in the mirror, guys you know how you look in the mirror before you jump in the shower pose for two hours with the hot water running, hot steam making you sweat so you look more ripped then what you really are, yeah fellas you know what I'm talking about. The rest of the week it's th... »

Xbox 360 Repairs Do not Have To Be Expensive Or Painful

I recently wrote an article about my son and his sickly PS3 which developed a beeping problem, no it really was beeping and we fixed it by finding a guide online that saved us a fortune in repair costs. Well whilst I was looking for the PS3 repair guide I also saw one for an Xbox 360 and as my other son has one of those thought it best to get that too just in case his developments a fault. It is m... »

Secrets To Keeping Your Car Looking Like New For 10 Years

Most personal finance experts would agree that keeping your vehicle for up to 10 years is a good economical decision. The economics of keeping a vehicle that long are overwhelmingly convincing. So why is it so rare to find someone who owns the same car that long? After all, today most cars will keep working long after a couple hundred thousand miles. So, why do people keep buying a new car when th... »

How to Board Up Windows in a Brick House

The first thing to learn on how to board up windows on a brick house is that you need to start by counting your windows and then measure the openings. Count on boarding all windows, sky lights, doors and any roof vents or places where wind could cause damage if it got into your house. If this is because you are leaving your home for a time and do not want your windows broken, you do not have to be... »

Texas Hold-em Poker Tips That Can Help You Make Money Playing Poker!

Recently, the sport of gambling has been booming, especially because of Texas Hold-em poker. Everyone is familiar with draw poker, but Texas Hold-em adds a little twist to the game. Whereas a game of 5 card draw is all about the cards you possess, Texas Hold-em is mainly about reading your opponents and betting accordingly. There have been many cases where people who win huge tournaments do not ha... »

The History of the Craftsman Tool Company

Craftsman is a line of tools that includes hand tools, power tools, tool boxes, lawn and garden equipment and many other items that you would find in a garage or work building. These tools have been sold by Sears since 1927. A man by the name of Arthur Barrows was hired by Sears in 1927 to be the head of their hardware department. Arthur came up with the idea of creating a brand name for Sears tha... »

Building Blocks of Wellness Programs

In recent years, corporations have come to the realization that workplace wellness programs are beneficial to both employees and management, and more importantly, to their bottom line when it comes to profits. The building blocks of wellness programs may vary from program to program and from company to company, but overall, many wellness programs share many of the same characteristics and certainl... »

In Search Of An Ethical Leader

Ethical leadership is often described as leadership that influences others by using trust, honesty, empathy, and fairness. Ethical leaders foster an ethical culture within organizations by behaving in ways that reflect ethical values. Leaders who facilitate ethical behavior positively influence the attainment of organizational goals. Studies have shown ethical behavior and high moral standards to ... »

The Benefits of Fire Hose Reel

Are you confident enough that your workplace is safe from fire? The assets of the business are its office, factory, equipment, its people, and most importantly, the safety of all of these assets combined. Investing on the safety of all of the assets ensures the longevity of the business. This means that the workplace must be sufficiently equipped with indispensable fire safety gadgets- fire exting... »

The Pro’s and Con’s of Using Shielded Network Cables

Any products that are powered by electricity, also emit electromagnetic energy in the form of radio frequency emissions, or RF frequency. These signals generally fall in the AM/FM radio range, and can be measured with any RF signal detector. The problem is these frequencies disturb other equipment in the area, causing interference. In video surveillance situations, it could be loss of picture qual... »