Build an Electric Car – It is Easy to Do

Why have you been waiting to build an electric car? Is it because the gas prices are killing your wallet or is it because you are interesting in building one yourself? Whatever the reason might be, I will tell you how to build your own.

Electric cars have been existence even before the 1900s and there is an Electric Auto Association that started in 1967.

If electric vehicles have been around for so long, there should be a way that you can build your own electric car.

Before you start working on your car, you have to use your car kit. Custom kits are available for specific vehicles and there are also universal kits, which can be installed in various vehicles.

In a nutshell, the steps you need to take are to remove the engine and install electric motor in place. For a motor you can use an AC or DC. Usually the cars have a DC controller and a DC motor. The DC motor is easier to install, more available, and less expensive.

After the motor is installed, add batteries and attach the adapter plate.

Once you have done this you can use any outlet to plug in and recharge your auto, but you should install a Magna charging system instead. This allows you to monitor your electricity output and it charges your car faster.

Building an electric car has many benefits.

  • the auto is silent when driving, so you will not here any loud disturbing motor noises
  • It also has a much better resale value, because fewer parts need to be maintained
  • It is quick and easy to charge, just plug it into an outlet
  • Using no gas makes for a pollution free car and using no gas means saving a lot of money

So what are you still waiting for?