Build Lean Muscle: The Myths and Facts About Getting a Lean Body!

One of the biggest myths when trying to build lean muscle is that one has to gain weight first before trimming down to achieve the bulk that they want. This is a big mistake because once an individual starts to pack on the pounds; it would be very hard for them to start burning them off. For individuals to accomplish this, they would have to go through the normal cardio workout routine which necessitates tremendous amounts of sweating, running, cycling or walking.

However, with an already thin but non-muscled body, a person can simply go straight to developing their muscles, resulting to a lean tight look instead of the muscled puffy one most males seem to have. Imagine having muscles under a layer of fat – that’s exactly what males have to avoid and exactly what they will get if they go for the “weight first, build muscles later” technique.

Instead, aim for a tightly packed body that boasts of dense muscles without an ounce of fat. But that’s not the only meat associated with building dense muscle mass.

Most guys think that they would have to spend hours each day lifting weights in the gym to get the physique they want. In fact, this is counterproductive and only exposes the muscles to too much stress. This can advance to the point where the body needs to burn off protein from the muscles themselves in order to keep up. Over training can also cause the muscles to snap, injuring them or even compromising the immune system.

Ideally, working out for as much as one hour per day, five times a week would give males the physique that they crave. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that more hours allotted for training means faster results. This is another myth that must be ignored and instead, males and females should go for the slow but sure route.

Another myth regarding the diet one needs to build lean muscle. It states that the body cannot absorb more than 30 grams of protein for every meal. However, this isn’t really the case and in fact, there is no evidence regarding how much the body can absorb for every meal. Add to that, building lean muscle is not all about protein consumption, as most people seem to think. The body operates using various nutrients and minerals and causing an imbalance in these materials would only cause problems to the overall make up of the system – including muscle build.

Hence, those who want to see themselves sporting tight abs would need to make sure that they eat a wide variety of food types to keep their body well-nourished. Ideally, this means a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables and as little pre-processed foods as possible. The key here is variety but moderation.

Currently, there are various diet techniques being employed by individuals to build lean muscle. The great thing about these is that they are specific and are specially created to cater to the development of muscles. However, one must ensure that the technique itself doesn’t deprive them of several food types that might cause an imbalance in the body’s function. To find out more about gaining muscle click here.