Build the Imagination in a Child With the Right Doll House

Childhood memories help build the character of a person and also serves as the foundation for the imagination of one’s mind. The toys that children have to play with are a motivator in the personality that is developing as they grow up. Many children have imagination to make toys out of almost nothing. Making houses out of boxes that may have a window and a door or a tent out of a blanket over a couple of chairs is a childhood memory second to none. Wooden forts outside is also a memory for many. A child can make a guitar out of a board by pounding a few small nails at the top and the bottom and then putting rubber bands on these nails for strings. Adults still having the heart of the child within still love to dwell on these memories as they have their own children and grandchildren.

One of my favorite childhood memories was when my dad brought left over lumber scraps home from the construction site he worked at and my mom used these to make furniture for my doll house that she had made out of 2 apple boxes attached side by side. The furniture was so much like the real furniture we had in the house we lived in. This is where she understands her passion for all things miniature. She made a stove and a fridge or from the scrap wood, precision-made items for my doll house, furniture, cloth blankets and pillows for the beds and the crib; and accessories for the doll house. She bought dolls the right size to fit in the doll house to help me with my imagination as I played with them. She helped me have a great memory.

Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a beginner to the craft, one can find everything that is needed to create your own charming doll house. Vintage or contemporary, every wooden style and historical period houses are available. Together with hand-crafted doll furniture, doll house kits, and plans, these kits cater for all needs, tastes and budgets.

There are many places on the web you’ll find beautiful items in both 1:12 and 1:24 scale, from beautiful dolls to resin figures. There are elegantly displayed room and dramatic doll houses that have lighting in them. Whether one wants to browse for inspiration or wants to be specific, the internet makes it easy for one to get all the supplies you need. You’ll also find them out on the web made of wood, wood and plastic, and just plastic that is easy to put together. Children like to play with these doll houses with their friends. There are many brands out on the web to tickle your fancy.

The doll house lover, hobbyist and collectors alike are amazed with what they find out there. The children are delighted to play with their own or one that their friends have or one in the classroom. Be filled with imagination of these miniature dolls and the furniture that is in each room that you may wish that you were that small to live there!