Build Your Own Golf Ball Display

Build your own golf ball display with some basic power tools. You can build this 56 golf ball display with a drill, power saw, razor knife and three drill bits.

We will start with the tools required. The first being a power drill. 3/8 "chuck size either a corded drill or a cordless drill. The second tool you will need is a power saw. A 7 1/4" circular saw will do. Third you will need a sharp razor knife. Last you will need 3 drill bits. You will need a 1/8 "bit suitable for wood or metal, a 1/2" reduced shank bit suitable for wood or metal and a 7/8 "reduced shank bit suitable for metal.

Now we will move onto the material required for the display. You will need:
2 each 1 "X 4" X 48 "Pine, Oak, Poplar or wood of your chose
1 each 1/2 "X 48" wood dowel rod
1 each 1/8 "X 48" wood dowel rod
You can use the wood of your choice. Pine is easier to work with for a novice, but the dowel rods will probably oak at most home improvement stores so oak or poplar 1 X 4's will match the 1/2 "dowel rods better. While at the home improvement store you want to pick up some stain, polyurethane and sandpaper if you do not have these items in your shop.

Okay lets build this display. First we will start by ripping the 1 "X4" X 48 "boards into half with the power saw. You will have 4 pieces 1-11 / 16" X 48 ". The 1-11 / 16" dimension is about the same size of the diameter of a golf ball. Now we take the 4 pieces and cut into 8 twenty inch pieces. These pieces will be the shelves the golf balls rest on. Now we take the 1/2 "X48" dowel rod a cut two pieces 21 3/4 "long. These will be the supports for the shelves. Next we take the 1/8" dowel rod and cut 16 pieces 1-1 / 4 "long.

It easiest to cut the 1/8 "dowel rod with your sharp razor knife. Now we will drill the holes in the shelf boards for the supports and the golf balls. Take your 20" shelf boards and draw a light pencil line down the center of the board. Measure 13/16 "from the edge of the board to achieve this. Next from one end put a pencil mark at 1-1 / 8", 2-1 / 2 ", 5", 7-1 / 2 ", 10" , 12-1 / 2 ", 15", 17-1 / 2 "and 18-7 / 8". Put these pencil marks on the center line that you marked on the length of the boards. These are center marks that you are going to drill. Using the 1/2 "drill bit drill completely through all the shelf boards at the 1-1 / 8" mark and the 18-7 / 8 "mark. Next using the 7/8" bit we are going to drill for the golf ball rests. You are going to drill at the 2-1 / 2 ", 5", 7-1 / 2 ", 10", 12-1 / 2 ", 15" and 17-1 / 2 "marks.

Putting light pressure on the drill you only want to drill approximately 1/8 "deep or so to form a 7/8" round dimple in the wood for the ball to rest in. After all your dimples are drilled now would be a good time to stain your shelves and 1/2 "dowel rod. It is a lot easier unassembled. Now it is assembly time. Take your first shelf and insert 1 of the 1/2" dowel rods in each end where you drilled the 1/2 "hole through the shelf. Now take the second shelf and slide down the dowel rods until you have 2-1 / 4" between shelf 1 & 2. Repeat this step for the remaining shelves. When you reach the top you should have 8 shelves spaced evenly at 2-1 / 4 ". The final step. Lay the assembled display face down on a table with the sawed edge up. Using the 1/8" bit drill through the shelf into the 1/2 "dowel rod. You want to drill 1-3 / 8". You can put a piece of masking tape on your drill bit 1-3 / 8 "up ​​from the tip to drill uniform depths. Now that you have all 16 holes drilled take the 1/8" dowel rod pieces you cut 1-1 / 4 "long and insert them into the 1/8" holes you just drilled. Put a little wood glue on the rods push them in until even with the shelf. It may take a few light taps with a hammer. You are done with assembly. Now you can put 1 or 2 coats of polyurethane on and enjoy your project.