Building a Connection With Readers

I’m a big fan of the author, Haruki Murakami. His work excites and inspires me (and many millions of others), draws me back, and keeps me hooked.

But as with any author, writer, painter or photographer, his work doesn’t appeal to everyone. His popularity for those that read him is down to his ability to build a rapport with his readers. To connect with them on some level. It’s what every great artist does.

Writing winning content

When it comes to content writing, accept you won’t be liked by everyone. Don’t worry about being everyone’s best friend. Just work at writing copy that’s meaningful to those you want to attract.

This means understanding your audience – their fears, worries, wishes, anxieties, desires and wants – then connecting with them by writing to:

Solve their problems

Everyone likes somebody that can help. Someone that makes them feel better, reassures them, solves their problems, and provides direction. Just look at the success of self-help guides.

Let’s imagine we sell ‘moisturising soap’. The positive benefit of that soap is it keeps you clean. But the solution it offers to the client’s problem is that this soap prevents and treats dry skin.

For the customer, there’s the promise of radiant skin, rather than the dry, flaky skin that itches all day. You’ve solved their problem, and now they want to comment, share, buy or recommend your product to others.

Satisfy their desires

Most successful brands don’t focus on what we need. They focus on what we want. We may need a laptop, but we want an Apple. We need a new pair of glasses, but want a pair of YSL.

Why do we want this rather than a pair of everyday specs? We want to fit in with our peers. We want to show off our wealth. We want to impress.

Luxury brands play to desires all the time. Think Chanel and the way it helps retain its desire and exclusivity by not selling its handbags online. Think Burberry and the way it uses video to help capture the handcrafted steps involved in creating one of its signature trench coats. Or the words it uses on its website – “bespoke” “art” “heritage” – words designed to fuel our desires.

However you do it, however you play it, remember to solve your customers problems and satisfy their desires through your writing and you’ll be rewarded with comments, shares and plenty of sales.