Building a Model Train Bridge

One way to add a good deal of character to your model train layout is through the addition of a train bridge. This is an excellent way to showcase your skill as well. The materials that they can be made from varies greatly and mainly just depends on how much weight they will be carrying. By building a bridge you open up the chance to add more features to your layout including ponds, rivers, and more.

Once you have built your first few bridges you will then be ready to tackle some larger projects as well. To start your bridge you will first have to figure out how wide and and how long you will need to make it. Now that you know this you will be able to begin. You will start by building a base for the tracks themselves. This base should be strong enough to support the trains and the landscape. This means the bigger the train the stronger the wood that will be needed. 2×4's are normally the wood of choice for projects such as this.

Build your basic box and cover it with plywood. You then will have to create your arches. To do this you need to decide exactly what size you will want and how many of them you will be using. Much of this depends on if you will have a train that will pass through the arches as well. Place your arches along your structure making sure to place them evenly throughout. Next you will need two sections of foam core.

Trace the pattern that you want onto the top sheet of foam and cut it out. It is easiest if you cut both pieces at the same time and helps to make sure that they are cut out evenly. After you have gotten them cut out you can then glue them to the track bed. You will want to give the glue plenty of time to dry. You can then turn the bed upside down so that you can easily get to the bottom of the train bridge if you need to.

Supports will now need to be installed between each of the arches in order to provide strength to the bridge itself. Pieces of foam will work perfectly as long as they are cut to fit snugly. After you have made sure that they fit level across the bottom of the viaduct you will be ready to glue them carefully into place. You can now decorate the outside of your new project.

You can cover your train bridge with whatever decorations you would like to add. You can print out brick shaped designs and paint them as bricks or you can just paint straight onto the foam. Another option is to mix up a bit of brick mortar and use a stencil to get a real brick look. Stick the stencil into place and apply the mortar mix after water has been added. Use your imagination and paint your new model train bridge any way you choose.