Building a Stone Porch

While most porches are made from wood or concrete, it is possible to have a porch made from flagstone. A stone porch can add a lot of character to a home.

First, because the stone is going to be incredibly heavy (heavier than your car will be able to handle), use a tractor to move the stone from the "stone pile" to where the porch is being built.

Use a shovel to mix the necessary mortar in a container that is put onto the porch pad (which should be made of concrete). After giving the porch pad a thorough cleaning, shovel a little bit of the mortar onto it. This mortar should go right in front of the home's entrance. This is also where the first stone is going to be installed.

Use a trowel to spread out the mortar evenly and then lay the first stone of your porch in place. This is the stone that will be at the entrance to the home, so you should make sure to use a piece that is attractive and will compliment the entryway to the home. Make sure that the first stone has been positioned very carefully. Use your hands to work it down into the mortar. This will ensure that good adhesion and contact takes place between the flagstone's surface, the porch pad and the mortar you are using.

Use a level to make sure that this particular piece slanted very very slightly away from the front door's sill. This is to keep moisture out of the home. The slant will drain moisture away from the door. In doing this it also keeps moisture away from the crawlspace and the floor joist.

From that first stone, you can position more stones. Make sure they are a good fit and then lay them in the places they will go. Use your hands to pack mortar that is just a little bit drier between the stones.

This process is repeated. Just keep positioning stones, making sure that they are good fits and that they create the look you are going for. Most people go for a uniform look, but you might prefer something more mottled. It's up to you. Use the mortar between each of the stones to serve as a sort of grout. This "grout" fills in the spaces between the stones and will also lock each stone into place. After the mortar has discharged completely you will have a solid porch.

Having a stone porch can help make your home stand apart from the other homes in your neighborhood. It is often more durable than a wood one and will last longer before needing to be replaced. It is also especially complimentary to log homes and front porches that are built using an open post and beam design.