Building a Tree House

Tree houses are usually fun to build. They could be built using a wide range of materials. Some of the constructors of new homes also make them in the garden. Not surprisingly, most of the people show interest in homes with these houses. In order to promote sustainability, most of the builders use recycled materials for the construction of tree houses. This option is also available in Seattle residential additions.

They employ recycled materials such as reclaimed window frames, doors and used lumber for the construction of this house. If you don’t have it in your home as yet, and you wish to have one, then surely Seattle residential remodeling can help you.

Erecting it is not a big deal, but there are some indications that need to be followed so that you can keep the tree healthy and the structure safe. Most of these houses are raised above the ground and built among the branches. In this way you would be able to bring tree trunks with green leaves within this house. This would give a nice effect. Only a solid or mature tree should be taken, otherwise it won’t be safe.

It should be kept in mind to make the erection of this structure an eco-friendly practice. It could be done without causing much harm to the tree. To begin with the construction, you would need a diverse range of materials such as: wood, steel and some strong fabrics. Here are some simple and easy-to-follow steps if you are interested in making a one for yourself.

• First of all, you need to choose a tree that is strong and wide so that it could hold much of the structure.

• Now draw a neat plan on a chart paper. Try to keep this blueprint along with you at all times during the construction.

• Next, you need to plan a method to attach the house with the tree. You can use drill pins, bolts, nails into it and use cables for additional support.

• You must choose the material carefully. I would advise the salt treated lumber.

• Once, the construction starts, the first thing is the platform that has to be made. It’s a crucial step as a secure foundation is primarily important to support the structure.

• Then attach the floor and wall frames, and then finally comes the roof.

• For getting in and out, you can use a lumber or rope ladder. It adds a traditional look to the this type of house.

• Your job is not done after the construction is completed, but you also need to check your tree and the whole structure annually. There might be some things that need fixing.

• Building it is not so difficult but it is advisable that you consult local tree service professionals for branch removal, pruning and any other issues.

These types of houses don’t only provide a place of fun activities for kids but could also be used as relaxation spots for the whole family. It could also be used to make small home offices. Tree houses have become popular and the different ways in which they could be used makes them an ideal choice of this generation.