Building Curved Stairs

You can buy curved stairs kit from the producers after choosing the correct style and design that you like. On the other hand, you may order a regional artisan to make curved stairs with a style that fits with the structure of the house. Curved stairs kit comprise of a strong pole for the middle of the stairs, steps and brackets that must be fixed to the pole, and a round closure for fixing the stairs to the middle pole. The closure comprise of a support which actually increases the strength of the stair.

Start the procedure to construct curved stairs by slashing all the stair risers in a particular way that you desire. Ensure that their breadth is 5 inches and not more than that. You are required to utilize several pieces of wood for a single riser. Polish the slash spots wood utilizing sandpaper in order to make an even surface. Now fix all of them with the help of glue or any other sticking material.

Now you are supposed to set up the middle pole into the ground. Make certain that it is set up correctly to the floor or else it will not be stable at all. For security, the upper part of the middle pole can be set up with a plumb nod. The complete mass of the stairs comes on this pole and that is why it should be very strong to survive any kind of heavy pressure.

Initially the steps at the peak and the base of the pole require to be fused to the pole, and afterwards the left over steps need to be set up and fixed to the pole. Setting up handrails to the curved stairs is actually a complicated job. People who do not have proper knowledge might not be able to perform this task. So it is better to purchase the railing from the marketplace and follow the information given in the instruction manual to set up the railing properly.

If you intend to construct curved stairs in your home for an attic or room on the 2nd floor, the roof of the room must be high. If it is not high then you might get your head hit when going up from the stairs. The curved stairs are very famous nowadays. They are strong and beautiful, so do not waste time and select the perfect one for your house.