Building Management System – Have You Installed One?

A building management system (BMS) as the name suggests, is a computer networked framework that helps control and monitor different equipment that maybe used in a building. This includes, fire system, lighting, ventilation system, power systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, security systems, so on and so forth. Inclusive of a network of hardware and software, such a BMS helps in ensuring smooth functioning of a building, facility, warehouse, etc.

How to choose the right building automation system?

In today’s technologically updated days, finding the right building automation system is quite a confusing task. There are many systems available in the market, each offering varied features. These highly advanced systems not only monitor a building, but also integrate various facilities, irrespective of their geographical distance, to provide a single access window to the facility managers. There are several pros of having the right system in place and just one disadvantage, i.e., the cost associated with these systems. It may come across as huge investments but remember over the long term, the benefits will outweigh the costs. The real-time access and improved energy efficiency means the organization benefit largely in cost savings.

Choose an Integrated Building Automation System

Can you imagine a single click access to the operational view of your different systems, such as boiler, elevator, generator, access control, chiller, HVAC control, etc.? An integrated building automation system connects the dots and serves a single access that helps you take real time decisions. A web-enabled system ensures a manager can view the operations in a web browser, anytime and anywhere. You can access it through your laptop, tablet or even a mobile device. Moreover, it makes it easier to share the key data with higher authorities, such as decision-makers, to enable them to make fast decisions. The only thing that a manager has to invest in is training. Once, you know how to operate or rather access the details, the battle is won. Ensure you learn about how to retrieve the data in the shortest time and produce a report. All the data is useless, unless you know how to make a report and share with the higher authorities.


A building management system is an effective way to introduce sustainability in the corporate organization. When you take the sustainable route to operations, your carbon footprints are low and hence you contribute in green work culture. If you support security of your workers, facility and the well being of your organization, it is best to embrace an integrated building management system as soon as possible.