Building the Bridge Over Ourselves

Sometimes the best vision for our interaction with our world comes through the need within us to remove ourselves as a barrier to relational equations. We must, at times, build the bridge over ourselves in order to get along in our world. This is humbling. We do not readily accept that we might be the problem, but, just as others can be the problem, too, we're destined to have our turn.

When these times occur, the quicker and more effective we are at right ourselves the better for everyone.

This is not to be down on ourselves; we just need to be honest. Everyone has times where pride precipitates their fall.


After our pride, which is the will to protect ourselves against embarrassment, exposure, or malice, etc, where the ego is tested, our right mind will advise us that humility is the way. There's no shame in being wrong, or in even being being put out of position to defend ourselves when we're right, though the instinct is to protect.

Being seen as being wrong, whether we're wrong or not, is a test of our humility. Humility says, 'How important is it?' It remains to be convinced that fighting a minuscule cause – that of our own for our sake alone – is worthy. It's not.

It never works out to our advantage, in the long run, when we fight for our cause – except it's some sort of legal battle where true justice is at play. The world's justice makes us a laughingstock when we take effort and emotion for personal gain regarding our protection.


Whenever we get ourselves right, building the bridge over ourselves and our pride, there stands before us a way to build bridges in our relations. Our whole world looks different when we resign the motive to fight a losing battle. As we loosen the grip of our pride over us, new perspective comes flooding in. We notice others in and about our lives and bridges toward peace in our relationships are under construction.

The less serious we are about our cause the more perspective we'll gain. The less concerned we are about our needs being filled, the more likelihood we'll be satisfied.

These facts are so overwhelming in their truth they work basically every time. The less we want the more we feel like we're getting.

We're our biggest barriers at times. When we get out of our way, shelving our pride in dignity, our relationships blossom, and people see the glory of God.

© 2012 SJ Wickham.