Building the Perfect Elevator Pitch

We all know what an elevator pitch is. It's your short little teaser or explanation when somebody says "What do you do?"

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to say in a case like that? Most of us have, and when we get done fumbling to try to make the best of the situation we kick ourselves for sounding we do not even know what we do. So what is the solution to this. In a word, "Planning," so let's build the perfect elevator pitch that will tell truthfully, and quickly what your particular area of ​​expertise is.

First let's talk a little bit about focus. What is focus? Well, you know how you have heard of regular soda straws being driven into trees during a tornado? That's focus, and with focus anything can be accomplished. What we want to do is apply that principle to your elevator pitch.

How can your elevator pitch be that focused and accomplish so much? Well, with proper preparation and planning your unique selling position and elevator pitch can be that powerful and focused. You need to believe that you are not just a business that can satisfy the needs of your customers, but actually believe that you are the only business that can do that. If you do not believe that, do whatever you need to do to believe that yourself. When you have that heartfelt belief, your prospect will believe it too.

Now build the perfect elevator pitch – here is the formula.

"You know how …"

"Well what we do is …"

By finishing both of these sentences with great thought and precision you will have a killer elevator pitch. It sounds easy, but odds are you are going to put a reasonable amount of time into this process. I would suggest taking out a piece of paper and drawing a mindmap of the core function of your business and then around that phrase put all of the benefits that you can possibly think of. Then stew on it, so to speak. At all times try to get the emotion of a problem and a solution, remember that people buy with emotion and justify it logically.

Here is an example of what you may come up with –

"You know how when you call a plumber to fix a leak or something in your house, they will make you sit around and wait all day for them?

Well, what we do is treat our customers with dignity and respect from the time they call until they are completely satisfied. We guarantee to be there within 15 minutes of when we say we will come or the job is free and we do the work quickly and properly so that you can get on to more important things in your life "

After some time and work you will find an elevator pitch that rings true and conveys you business in a nutshell. Odds are that what you come up with at first will not be prefect, but with use will refine itself and become better and better.