Building Traffic With Keywords

When you are writing revenue share articles or articles promoting affiliate links, building traffic to your articles is essential. Traffic building is key to the financial success of any article or website. Some of the ways of building traffic are through back-linking, social marketing and forums. One good way of building traffic organically for free is to use good keywords throughout your article. Keywords are words and word phrases that people type into their web browsers when they search for information. Using good keywords in your article enables the search engines to find you and put your site or article in front of people who type in the keywords you target. Building traffic with keywords does require some work, but it is time well spent.

Where To Keywords For Building Traffic

There are many programs on the Internet that you can purchase to help when building traffic with keywords. The problem with most of these software programs is that they are over-priced and don’t give you real value for your money. The only software program I would pay for personally is Market Samuria. The reason is because it is more than just a keyword generator. This program does way more than just help you find good keywords. It shows you exactly who your competition is, what words they are NOT targeting, gives you insight on the small niches you can exploit to get a bigger return on investment, and also links to products you can sell using those keywords. That is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is also another post for next week.

There is no reason to pay for keyword generating programs as long as you know where to find them and are willing to do the work necessary to dig up those little golden nuggets that will pay big dividends long term. The most favorite tool among all marketers is the Google AdWords tool. But there are also a couple of lesser known ones that are useful as well. Trellion’s Keyword Discovery tool and SpyFu are excellent companions for cross referencing keywords with the Google AdWords tool. Finally, there is also the Keyword Difficulty Tool at This tool gives you even more insight into how difficult it will be to rank for different keywords.

What To Look For When Building Traffic

Generally you want to find words that have the least competition with the most traffic. Typically I look for words that have at least 20,000 searches a month with a medium level of competition. Now when I say medium level of competition, I am not talking about the number of competitors. Rather I am looking at what the first page of Google brings up. Why? Because that is where I want my article to rank for that particular keyword. If the first 10 results show high authority sites, I will keep looking; however if half the results on the first page consist of HubPages, Squidoo lenses and eHow articles, chances are I am going to rank well in a short amount of time.

Stay away from single and double word keywords when building traffic with keywords. Instead focus on three and four word key phrases. These are the keyword combinations that will help rocket your article to the front page of Google for that search term.

How To Effectively Use Keywords When Building Traffic

You need to use the keyword and key phrases you are targeting several times within your article. You do not want to insert them where it makes your article read badly or over-stuff the article with them because the Google God’s will look down upon you. Instead, attempt to use the keyword in the title of the article, once in the first paragraph, maybe two or three times in the body of your article and in the last sentence of your article. This peppers the keyword and key phrase without making the article look or read spammy. When building traffic with keywords, the words should flow effortlessly yet be in the article enough that the search engines notice.