Building Your Own Mini Bike With a Mini Bike Kit

Mini bike kits are sweet! The main concept behind a mini bike kit is do it yourself, build it yourself. These are excellent for father son projects. If you’re looking for a way to bond with your son, and he’s into go karts or pocket bikes – then this is an excellent choice for you. Building a mini bike yourself can also be less expensive then purchasing one that is fully assembled. It all depends on which kit you buy.

Mini Bike Frames

The kit you purchase may or may not come with a mini bike frame. A frame is the main part of the bike where the seat will be positioned and etc. The frame would be your starting point where you will attach the other parts of the bike. Ensure that the kit you’re purchasing does indeed come with a frame, or you may need to purchase that part separately.

Mini Bike Kit with Engine

Your kit may or may not come with an engine, as well. This will be another important piece. Luckily, an engine is no where near as expensive as a car engine. We do have a page for pocket bike motors & engines that you can check out as well. This will allow you to browse. When you’re mounting your engine into your frame, you’ll need one that fits the frame of the super bike. Best advice – use the same brand to ensure cross compatibility.

Mini Bike Parts – Mix & Match

Yes, you can certainly mix and match the parts that you use when building your mini bike. However, most of the time, it’s best to use the same branded parts when building your bike. Why, you might ask? Well, if you have a motor from one manufacturer, which does not match the frame, it may not fit. Manufacturers test and ensure that the parts they make match each other. However, they are not going to test another manufacturer’s part with their parts. It’d be impossible to test everything this way.

If you do indeed decide to mix and match your parts, you better be using your measuring tape! You’ll need to measure everything to ensure that it’s all going to fit together properly. For example, check the frame to see how big your motor mount is. Will your chosen motor fit onto your frame?

Replacing parts

If you have a part that breaks down, it’ll probably be easier for you to replace it as you built the bike yourself. You know what parts go where, and how to remove and put that part back, as you’ve already done it once before.