Built In Barbecue – Main Attraction In The Backyard

Barbecue usually refers to a method of cooking meat or chicken. In this method the meat or chicken will be heated and smoked by gases of fire. The term barbecue may refer to either the apparatus used for cooking or the foodstuff which is cooked by this method.

There are different methods of preparing the barbecue by using different fuels. Barbecue is normally cooked in an outdoor environment. The heat and smoke for cooking barbecue is generated by using the smoke from charcoal or wood.

The barbecue can be built in the house itself. While constructing it in the house it may be constructed out side the house near the back door of the kitchen. A built in Barbecue adds value and beauty to the back yard. It should be noted that the materials used for construction should be noncombustible. This may include brick, stone, concrete etc.

The hollow shell can be constructed of galvanized steel with a sheathing of noncombustible material. The backer board can be built with cement. The finish can be done by using acrylic stucco, or natural / cultured stone or brick. The materials like granite or slate when used for counter top will be easy to install and requires less or no maintenance while tiles are not so.

Cooking areas should be kept away from the structures which are likely to be flammable. If it is installed in a windy area, barbecue should be faced in a direction opposite to that from the origin of wind. Or the wind block can also be used for preventing the wind blow.

The grill can be placed off-center in the island in order to give room for keeping the food which is ready to grill. Burners can also be installed in the side of the barbecue with a serving area beyond that if needed. The barbecue grill counter can be of height 36 ".

The door should be large enough which facilitates the technician to get inside and handle the regular activities. The materials should be selected in such a way that it should withstand the local weather. Some types will have other accessories like bar refrigerators, coolers, bar sinks and beer taps.

For these to function it necessitates the electrical and plumbing facility. This helps a lot in reducing the unnecessary running to and fro kitchen and yard. Shelves can also be built along with the barbecue counters which helps in extra kitchen storage. All things required for cooking can be stored here.

The construction of the built in barbecue island has to be done by a licensed contractor. The construction of the structure requires gas permit and building permit. The grills selected should be approved ones.

Lines made of iron or stainless steel should be used for supplying the within the island and to the appliance. The fuels used may be natural gas or propane. Rubber hoses which are flexible should not be used inside the island for supplying the fuel. The service of the fuel to the island should be concealed and should be in accordance with the code.