Bulge Enhancing Underwear – Andrew Christian Shock Jock Underwear

Have you always wanted a bigger package? Is there no such thing as “too big?” If you’re nodding your head yes to either one of these questions, then let me introduce you to the Andrew Christian Shock Jock underwear. With the Active Shaping Technology cup adding up to 2 inches to your frontal measurements, this is men’s bulge enhancing underwear at its best!

Sometimes adding a few extra inches is a matter of vanity. You can already picture in your mind the looks of envy once you loosen your belt and drop your pants. But for some men, added fullness in the pants is less of a “want” and more of a “need.” Available in both brief and boxer styles, the Shock Jock underwear can be just what you have been looking for. Each style features a hidden Active Shaping Technology cup sewn into the underwear. The soft bulge enhancing cup offers support and protection while maintaining a natural look. And if you decide that the soft cup is a bit much, you can also easily remove it from your underwear. Similar to the other offerings of the Andrew Christian brand, the Shock Jock collection also features swim trunks and bikinis to wear for a day at the pool or beach.

While some men prefer the standard soft shaping cup, others prefer to go for the Shock Jock Flirt styles. Why the distinction? The shaping cup in the Shock Jock Flirt brief and boxer come with “male features.” The imprint of a lengthy girthy penis is what is visible to the naked eye. However, the Flirt underwear is only available in boxer or brief styles – no swim wear.

Once you browse the Andrew Christian website, you’ll notice that there are plenty of colors to choose from – a different one for almost every day of the week, even. You will also find the signature sporty style common to this popular men’s underwear brand. Andrew Christian promises an end getting your nether regions stuck in a zipper with the Shock Jock underwear. And while this may be true, you can also guess that those extra two inches of bulge enhancing goodness have a little something to do with the popularity of this underwear line.