Bull Riding Chaps 101 – Your Guide to Buying Bull Riding Chaps

Buying Bull riding chaps? Doubtful about which chaps you need to get?

Here are a few tips for purchasing, finding and using effective chaps that will keep you protected, comfortable and achieving your best.

Unsure on which chaps you have to get? Here are a few ideas for purchasing, finding and using effective chaps that will keep you protected, comfortable and achieving your best.

Tip No 1: Select a Style

First of all, decide which kind of leather you want and can pay for. The choices can be from what is called “split” or just rough/suede to the “top grain” leather that is sleek, soft and flexible. The leather quality establishes the comfort for the rider and the ruggedness of the item.

Leather quality is determined in either millimeters or ounces, an average to good quality leather would measure between 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm, whereas a tough, superior leather, commonly used for bull riding chaps has to be 1.7 — 2.0 mm.

Tip No 2: Pick out Accents

If you are purchasing chaps for everyday use you will realize that the need for the extras like handmade rivets, fancy leg straps, fringe and multi-colors is not required and will increase the expense of the chaps.

If you will probably be in the ring competing it becomes more essential to distinguish yourself through your gear. Not only do the chaps need to be flexible and protect the rider’s leg, but they are supposed to accentuate the rider’s movement as an indicator of the degree of difficulty during the ride.

In this case you would like to be more specific regarding your colors, fringe, and whether you add Concho (metal button) features to your chaps.

Tip No 3: Decide on Comfort

Chaps are used to cover the leg from injury, to improve sticking power in the saddle, or as part of product for competition riders. Whatever your reason to get a pair, you should remember that fit, convenience and durability, are your main considerations, regardless of how much you should spend.

Chaps join by a buckle behind the hip and will sit just below your hips with enough place for a belt buckle to rest. They can go to the top of your boot or maybe with the heel. It is essential they fit tight but have enough room to let your leg to move freely, providing a safe and comfortable ride.

How to buy bull riding chaps is fairly simple. Local tack shops sell chaps in various leather qualities and price range and often take custom orders, or you can order on-line using “bull riding chaps” as your search for retailers who will do the same, but be prepared to return them should they not fit properly.

It’s necessary to make your equine style statement with your choice in bull riding equipment. Best of luck with your shopping.