Bulldozer – A Powerful Machine

Bulldozer, usually called as dozer, is a powerful tractor used to move piling earth and rock and it is most utilized construction equipment in the world. The first bulldozer was used to till fields. It was designed by James Cummings and J. Earl McLeod. It is composed of a blade or blade, track and engines.

The base of the bulldozer is composed of fabricated steel plates and casting frame and undercarriage. The cab contains rubber, plastics and glasses. The power source of the dozer may vary depends on the type of engine. The rotating twin tracks and the vertical steel blade of the bulldozer make the equipment easily to move. The blade is use to push loads from one place to another and it weighs up to 7,264 kilogram. It is attached to the frame by an extended lever arm that can be move up and down and inclined using hydraulic power. Instead of using wheels, bulldozer is equipped with a huge flexible track.

More bulldozers have a built-in elevated sprocket which suspends the power train that makes the bulldozer’s movement more flexible especially on rough terrain and slope area.

Power train contains the differential, transmission and gears that revolve the track. The power train is attached to the crankshaft that will transmit power to lift the sprocket gear. Self-regulating steering wheel is used to rotate the sprocket at full power while the other is slowly rotating as the bulldozer is revolving.

New innovations in the field of bulldozer are invented in recent years. This includes planetary gear transmission, differential steering and hydraulic power, automatic transmission of drive trains, automated controls and the blade is powered by hydraulic cylinder.

Attachments to bulldozer make the machine more flexible. One of the most common attachments is the ripper. The ripper is used to loosen compacted soil. A large bulldozer has single shank on the ripper while there are multiple shanks on a small bulldozer. The shanks are attached with a replaceable tooth.