Burton Air Review

The Burton Air snowboard is another version of the Custom Snowboard which includes CARBON I-BEAM in addition to the technology applied onto the Air.

The Burton Air is 100$ cheaper than the Custom but generally snowboarders purchase the Custom one. The Custom really has more pop because of that Carbon inside, but only experimented riders will see the difference.

The Burton Air now includes many sizes and suits big guys needs with decks ranging from 145cm to 166cm.

Technically, the Burton Air has a Negative Core Profile which results in having a softer and more freestyle flex and torsion suitable for park, pipe and rails riding.

The Super Fly Core makes the board lightened and loaded with pop as it is a vertical sandwich of hard and soft woods.

The DualZone EGD adds solidity to the edges for more control and durability with added wood grain next to the edges.

The Fiberglass used is the TRIAX RESPONSE, basically one lengthwise layer of fiberglass topped with two layers of diagonal glass yielding to more torsional stiffness and thus a more precise carving and turn initiation.

The base is obviously the Sintered one and Burton Air features the Sintered Vision Base which is highly porous for a nice wax absorption (better gliding) but also to put a nice Vivid Design.

And a personal Burton touch adds strength to the deck by tuning the deck especially for a long season. Their technic is to overbuild the board and put it in a machine which simulates the conditions of an entire riding season.

Now that you have learnt about the technical features behind this Burton Air Snowboard, you can admit that this deck is a solid one and fits many conditions. Before you decide to shop for a Custom, think twice and try the Air and you will see that it’s already a great machine. For those who have big feet you should have a look to the Royale snowboard, a replica of the Air.