Bushing Replacement

When suspension in a wheel   assembly  gets a little loose or sloppy, bushing replacement can bring it back to a responsive condition. This applies to aircraft wheels as much as to your road car. On an aircraft we are talking about equipment that is subject to huge stresses and abuse by comparison with most wheel  assemblies .

Precision machined bushings for aircraft have to be replaced with more frequency. Landing gear bushing overhaul with short lead times and at the best possible price is much sought after by both OEMs and MROs.

Standard-size bushings are used in corrosion-free bores and oversize bushings for installation in corroded bores. A bushing should rotate freely, therefore seizure or excessive stiffness of the inner bushing cannot be determined without disassembly.

Aircraft landing gear consists of the main legs and arms, the oleo shock absorber strut  assemblies , arm pins, oleo strut pins, oleo valves, axle spacers, seal rings, wheel, brakes and all required hardware.

The leg and arm are welded-and-machined, corrosion protected by means of anti-corrosion coatings and sealants. The bronze bushings for the landing gear arms are installed and honed to final size. All is designed to withstand huge landing loads.

Best practice includes lubrication avoiding friction and wear, and aiding the transfer of forces throughout the gear during use. Lubrication keeps out water, de-icing fluid, and other corrosion-causing substances. However, the wrong grease can damage landing gear bushings and necessitate bushing replacement. The high tensile steel used for landing gear can suffer hydrogen embrittlement and cracks.