Business Plan For a Spa – Operations Systems to Plan

Creating the business plan for your spa is a great opportunity to look ahead past the pre-launch and fundraising phase, which is probably all you can think about at the moment. The operations plan requires an understanding of the key operations systems for your day spa. Whether they use software or paper checklists, these are operations systems you should cover.

Sales and Fulfillment System

You should map out the sales and fulfillment process, starting from the moment a customer walks in the door to the completion of the service. Considering the experience from your employee’s point of view, but, most importantly, consider the customer’s point of view. Plan for situations that are unusual but extremely important – such as when a customer is unhappy with how they are served. The entire system may become a checklist or a manual for employees, but it is only useful if employees understand the reasons for following it and do so.

Inventory System

If a portion of your spa business depends on the sale of products you use in treatments, you will need a way to track what you have in stock to know when to order more and whether items are going missing (called inventory shrinkage). To take inventory, a form should be designed that is laid out in the same order as items on shelves in your spa. Standard accounting systems, like Quickbooks, include inventory management to save this information digitally and convert it into dollars.

Human Resources

A human resources system is more than files for each of your employees with a copy of their ID. The HR system should include the processes for hiring (what questions to always ask and how to make decisions between hires), scheduling employees to work (on seniority?), evaluation (on what terms, how often, and with what results?), and firing (what chances will an employee get to fix problems?). The system can even detail when you will offer raises, creating a more transparent system which may be a great motivator for employees.