Business Plan Pro Review

Business Plan Pro is a software program that helps guide you through the process of creating a business plan. Because a business plan is a pivotal component for any business to have, especially a start-up, ensuring that your plan is up to par is critical. For those who don’t know how to write a plan from scratch, plan writing software can be a life saver.

Business Plan Pro has two different software programs the Standard and the Premier. Both the Standard and the Premier include such features as:

• 9,000 plus industry profiles.

• Over 500 sample plans.

• Two different business planning e-books.

• The ability to import data from Quicken.

The Premier edition also includes:

• The ability to import from Microsoft Excel.

• A business evaluation analysis.

• Cash planning that is visual.

• A program that let you do a plan versus actual financial tools.

Depending on how in depth you want to get with your plan and of course how much you want to spend will determine which version of the software is right for you. Just as with any other piece of software, Business Plan Pro has pros and cons. Before deciding whether or not you want to use the plan writing software it is worth checking out both sides of the story.

Because Business Plan Pro has been around for 15 plus years they have over one million customers who have used their program. Most would agree that the software was easy to use and did a more than adequate job in helping them create their plan. You can read through some of the actual reviews on the company website.

They have also been voted the number one plan software for the past ten years straight by NPD Group and they have been featured in the Wall Street Journal as well as Best of all though, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee so if you get the program and don’t like it you can go through the process of getting your money back.

As far as those who left reviews of Business Plan Pro there were not too many complaints, but the software does come with one big negative selling point, which is its price. The Standard edition is just under $100, which is comparable to many other business software programs in the industry, but the Premier Edition that comes with all the bells and whistles is just under $200. While the software very well may be worth every nickel, it is still one of the higher prices business plan software programs available.

The ultimate decision is yours but whatever you decide you must be sure to write the best possible plan that you can so your business has the most amount of potential and a chance to going on to do great things. Remember, investors and many vendors expect to see a well written and articulated plan so be sure that is what you deliver them.