Buy Coolaroo Shade Sails

Fabric sails are an excellent way to cover an outside patio deck or even an outdoor restaurant setting. You, your family and customers will keep protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The sun is most brutal at peak times of the day. Usually between the hours of 4 PM and 6 PM the sun is at its most powerful. The sun can also be very strong in the morning as well. Especially, when there are not many clouds around.

Gale Pacific, an Australian company, has been around for many years providing sun sails, window shades and raw shade cloth for both the commercial and residential markets. Coolaroo sun sails are considered to be some of the best made shade sails in the industry. Most of their shade sails are constructed from heavy-duty shade cloth that is guaranteed for 10 years. These sails are hemmed along the edges as well. At the corner of each sail is a d-ring that is sewn onto the sun sail. This d-ring can be used to attach to your fixing points. Coolaroo even includes in many of its shade sail kits, hardware. They provide you with the basic hardware you will need to attach to any tree, fixing post or even the side of a house.

The advantage of Coolaroo fabric sails is that they block out 95% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. These are the same UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Coolaroo sun sails are very attractive and provide protection at the same time. They can be used for just about any application that you can think. Coolaroo shade cloth is used in many large commercial shade structure projects as well. This fabric is known in the industry for its longevity as well as durability.

Coolaroo shade sails start at around $92 with shipping. Be careful when purchasing online. Many online retailers will show a very inexpensive retail price, but then turn around and sock it to you with the shipping charges. Look for websites where shipping prices are included.