Buy Discount Alaia Shoes

One brand name that is renowned for it's quality is Alaia shoes. Even today you can find his beautiful footwear so sought after by women who know a thing or two about shoes across the world. He was born into a farmers family in Tunisia on June 4th 1940. His love for design was said to of come about through his sister and when the opportunity came around to study at a local art school he gave a false age to gain entry. Following his graduation he became a dressmaker, this is where his business grew rapidly and he never looked back. Through the wild and art inspired shoe designs he creates he has come to be very well respected. As an example of some of designs:

Alaia Suede Heels

These heels really do stand out for being attractive as well as bold and artsy. The actual heel itself stands at a dizzy 4 ½ ", this is without a platform. If you can walk in these without falling over they will make a stunning addition to any outfit. The heel has a light grey suede running the length of it. these particular shoes are for those that are looking for that little something different, just take care when wearing them!

Python Skin Platforms

This style would normally appear as a cute set of heels with the sweet structure and shape of the shoe. Then you take into account the python skin and the cutesy look is soon forgot. These Alaia shoes are both bold and sexy. The thin straps on the ankle have the opposite at the toe with the cinched thick straps. An edgy look is added to this shoe with its prominent python skin covered heels, add to this the jet black color and you have one sexy heel on your hands.

Tie-Up Leather Sandal with Rivets

Every stitch of these Azzedine Alaia sandals are stunning. The thick black heels fit in perfectly with the overall style of the shoe. Metal rivets add texture and sparkle to the black leather straps. The straps on the heels feature 2 cut-out sides that meet in the middle and lace through the rivets. All in all the shoes are an intricate and beautiful design. Putting all the features together results in a head turning shoe.

Platform Wedge with Cut Outs

These are a fun and eccentric pair of wedges mixed in with a big dose of charm. The geometric red / brown leather pattern makes up the shoes upper. Not only is the pattern eye catching, it is also unique. The leather used even gives off a stunning shine that really adds to the look of the shoes. With an amazing six inch high heel these are not for those that suffer from vertigo. There is some lovely detailing, reversed black triangles, that sits between the wedge and the sole. These sit really well against the brown heel. Taking all these beautiful features into account they are going to be first choice for women looking to buy Alaia wedges