Buying a Plasma TV

Plasma TVs are the big screen televisions. The screen measures from thirty two inches to sixty five inches and is approximately four inches thick. Plasma TVs are known as flat screen TV. But not all big flat screen TVs are plasma technology. They can also be LCD technology. The plasma technology is based on neon and xenon gas filled cells that are illuminated by electrical pulse current. Varying the pulse gives different shades of red green and blue which makes the image on the screen. The image is crisp and clear.

If you want to buy a plasma TV, be prepared to spend at least several thousand dollars. They start at price at two thousand dollars and go up depending on brand, style, features, size, etc. When shopping for a plasma TV what do you look for? First of all, what size screen do you want? This depends on how much space you have where you plan to place the television. You need to measure to see what size your area can accommodate and what size will look best. Do not automatically buy the largest screen there is. You need to have distance between you and the screen in order to conveniently view the television. There should be a least fifteen feet distance for the sixty five inch screen. You will probably want speakers to amplify the audio from the plasma TV. You can use your stereo speakers or you may opt for surround sound. This will add to the price.

You do not need much room for your plasma TV because the screen can be mounted on a wall with slim speakers mounted next to it or placed elsewhere in the room. Plasma TVs with the big screens can enhance the video graphics of video games and can be a lot of fun to play on. The problem is that plasma TVs can be subject to "burn-in". This is a situation where an image that has been on the screen for a while "burn's in" and leaves a shadow or outline on the screen. Once this happens, you can not get rid of the shadow. So if you plan to use your plasma screen for playing video games, you want to keep this fact in mind and be careful.

You can purchase plasma TVs in the store or online. If you shop online, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.