Buying a Private Number Plate

Private number  plates  have traditionally been associated with the rich and the famous or anyone wanting to show the world how successful they have become. However in today’s motoring world the popularity of personal number  plates  has moved into the fast lane with ever more of them being spotted on our roads. Private number  plates  are being enjoyed by people from all walks of life and give their owners vehicles a truly unique and distinctive mark.

There are millions of private number  plates  to choose from so finding one to suit you will not be hard. For some inspiration you can search your name or birthday or for a cost effective solution why not try and find your initials? Search over 30 million UK private registrations at [ plates /] to find which number  plates  relate to you. When purchasing your new car registration number you will need to provide what is known as a nominee name. This is the name that appears in the V5 logbook for the vehicle the number will be assigned to. If you are purchasing a personal car registration as a gift be sure to check this name is correct when ordering.

There are certain things to bear in mind when choosing your own private number  plate  however the main question you must ask yourself is can the personal number  plate  go on your vehicle? The law states that a vehicle can be made to look older than it is but can never appear newer. For example, if you own a “55” reg car you could assign a “51” reg number  plate  or even a prefix or suffix registration such as a “P” reg however you could not assign a newer “56” registration number to your car. Private number  plates  can also be assigned to motorbikes, providing they follow this golden rule. Search over 30 million UK private registrations at [ plates /] to find the right number  plate  for you.

When you purchase a private number  plate  an £80 transfer fee must be paid. This money is a fix fee set by the DVLA to cover the cost and administration of assigning the number  plate  to your vehicle. This fee is also payable if you decide to transfer the registration from vehicle to vehicle. The current fee for putting a registration number on retention is £105 which is made up of the £80 assignment fee and £25 retention fee. The retention facility enables a registration number to be taken off a vehicle and held on a certificate pending assignment at a later date. Private number  plates  can be held indefinitely on certificates but must be renewed annually for £25.

Assigning you new number  plate  to your vehicle couldn’t be simpler and full instructions will be found on the reverse of you registrations certificate of entitlement. Applications can be made by post however a better option is to apply in person at your local DVLA where the transfer is completed as you wait. You will need you V5 Logbook, a photocopy of your tax disc and a copy of your MOT if applicable when assigning your registration and in return you will receive an updated tax disc and MOT (if applicable) showing your new registration number. An updated V5 log book will be sent later from DVLA Swansea. All that would be left to do is have your acrylic number  plates  produced and fix them to your vehicle. You are then ready to display you new number  plate  with pride!