Buying a Safe For Securing Your Valuables

Buying a safe is a really good choice for those who own goods that are easily transportable, like jewelry, a collection of coins, furs luxury or digital camcorders, as they are easy to take for thieves. Experienced thieves know where to look to find these objects, so it's a safe bet to say that your favorite hiding place might not be as safe as you think. A bank safe is certainly the most secure place where you can put your valuables, but they tend to be too small and are only capable of containing small objects.

Personal safes are another option. Before buying a safe, make sure you understand the different levels of protection. In Europe the standard used is the European standard anti-theft EN 1143-1. This standard determinates the resistance of a safe from the fire, and the amount normally covered by insurance in case of theft or damage:

– Class 0: Insurance 8 000 EUR
– Class 1: Insurance of 25 000 EUR
– Class 2: Insurance of 35 000 EUR
– Class 3: Insurance 55 000 EUR
– Class 4: Insurance 110 000 EUR
– Class 5: Insurance 200 000 EUR
– Class 6: Insurance 300 000 EUR

The higher a class is and the more the walls and the system locks are secure. These amounts for reimbursements of insurance depends on your contract and are indicative.

Typically, the class 1 to 3 are sufficient to effectively protect irreplaceable documents. There are very specialized safes to protect digital storage media or computer hard drives. A good safe will also protect against the collapse of a building.

Safes are usually firmly attached to the structure of your house. They are typically a lot smaller than conventional safes, but they are also a lot more expensive. Because they are small, they can potentially be dropped from a thin wall and removed by a thief so that he can force him later. Therefore, if you are considering buying a safe mounting, you should take one that can be secured by embedding in a wall or a floor of masonry.

Safes combination, which are often shown on television, are popular choices. These safes are made in two parts: a sturdy safe jewel within an equally strong fireproof safe. They have a thick metal door and walls of the same ilk, with a combination lock. They can be locked to the ground or embedded, to be sure that a thief can not prevail.