Buying Essential Jewellery and Fashion Accessories Online

Is the website you are viewing secure when it comes to payment?

You browse any website using the standard http:// protocol but when it comes to paying for your goods online you want to be sure that your card details are safe and can’t be intercepted by anyone. All online stores should use the Secure Socket Layer Protocol which encrypts your card details automatically when processing your payment. The way to make sure that the website you are using uses this function is when you go to pay for your goods make sure that the URL at the beginning changes from the standard http:// to https://, this means that the server is using the Secure Socket Layer and you will know that your card details are transmitted safely and securely.

If you are not sure about this then the website you are visiting should either display that they are using a secure server or you may have to read the websites Privacy Policy or Payment Information and look for the section about security and payment and whether they use Secure Payment/Secure Socket Layer. If you are unsure whether the website does use Secure Socket Layer then please email the company for confirmation.

Shop Around/Discounts

Don’t just buy from the first site you go on. There are hundreds of Fashion Accessory shops online selling the same or similar products and you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. Spend time looking round different online shops to see if you can find the same product cheaper.

Also like most high street shops, online shops have deals on all the time like 10% off orders and so on so shopping around can get you even better deals.


When you shop on the high street there is no delivery charge and no charge for returns so you want to find a website that offers this service online to if you can. All online shops should have a policy which tells you delivery costs and returns policy. Delivery varies from shop to shop when buying online so check to see what delivery charges are as sometimes this can cost you more than if you just went out and bought on the high street. If you can’t find prices then please email/phone the company for clarification.

Also make sure you check the returns policy for the shop you are buying from as you don’t want to pay for delivery and then have to pay for your returns or even worse find out that the shop doesn’t take returns.

Of course there are drawbacks if you buy online like you can’t physically see or feel the item you are buying but the images on the website you visit should be good enough for you to make a judgement and make a purchase.

So if you follow the advice above you should have a hassle free buying experience from a secure online shop that you will use again.