Byzantine Mosaic Technique

Right at this moment, there are two known methods used by mosaic artists – the direct and indirect method. But did you know that there is in addition the so called Byzantine technique? This technique was used centuries ago by mosaic artists.

Even though the Byzantine Empire no longer exists, you can nevertheless employ the technique to create any mosaic project. Here’s how you is able to do it:

First, you must consider a mosaic design, pattern, or image that you wish to create. Afterward, get a wood which is about three centimeters bigger than the mosaic’s size. Now, you need to cut four battens and you must screw them in place at the wood’s edges. Fill it with charcoal clay and wet it with water.

On a PVC paper, sketch the mosaic pattern/design/image and position the paper on the wet clay. From the paper’s top left border or edge, cut it into tiny pieces. Position the spectacles, stones, marbles, and other tesserae to pay for the mosaic. Get a substantial cloth and place it over the mosaic after you’ve applied wall paper glue or paste. Leave the mosaic for about two days.

After two days, remove the screws and the battens as well. Turn the mosaic carefully. Cut the clay into small squares and clean the sides.

Now, you need to make a metallic or wooden frame and put a chicken wire in it. Mix equal amounts of fine sand and cement then add water to build a somewhat dry consistency. Pour the mixture into the frame.

Keep the mosaic in your hands and slowly lower it to the cement mixture. Tap the sides to do away with air bubbles. After ten to twenty minutes, wet the cloth a trifle and remove it. The surface of the mosaic will be revealed. Using a sponge or a cloth, wipe the excess concrete. Leave it for the next one and half hours and wet it again. Afterward, leave the mosaic for a pair of days (3-4 days) but try to water it every so often. Use a lint-free clean cloth to polish the mosaic.

Once you have finished with the project, you should have mosaic craft that seems to be from the Byzantine era. As you may have noticed, using the Byzantine technique is of a hassle since you need to leave the mosaic for a pair of hours and even days to dry. You must be patient and careful so that you will not commit any mistakes. Still, if you are a novice, do not be afraid to commit mistakes because you can discover from them. The the next occasion you create mosaic project, you’ll be aware what to do.

The direct method that artists use currently is much better because the steps are easy. It only gets intricate when the indirect way is used. For simple and small mosaic designs, the direct technique is highly recommended but when you’re already dealing with large scale mosaics, the indirect method is the best choice.

The Byzantine method is a bit involved but with a bit of practice, you can buy it too. Now you can contribute your masterpiece to your collections. Don’t rush and do not rush your livelihood. Get all the needed materials first; that way, when you commence working, you will not be running to and from the hardware outlet.