Cabin Rentals in Yosemite National Park – Enjoy the Beauty Up Close

Are you looking for cabin rentals in Yosemite National Park? There are some cabins available inside the park, and outside, well you can find cabin rentals nearby just about every entrance into Yosemite National Park. If you’ve never visited Yosemite, you owe it to yourself and your family to spend more than a day exploring this magnificent gem of a park. So, find a cabin, book it for a couple of nights, and hit the road to Yosemite!

Inside the Park

Inside, you have several options for cabin rentals in Yosemite National Park. Several lodges offer cabins or tent cabins (more about those later). Curry Village offers cabins with a bath, cabins without a bath, some specialty cabins with sitting areas and some with fireplaces, and Stoneman cottages, along with tent cabins.

Tent Cabins Inside the Park

o Housekeeping Camp, along the Merced River, offers concrete-walled cabins with a canvas roof, and a canvas wall to separate the sleeping area from the living area. Most have beaches and face the river. They are also the only tent cabins in the park that provide a fire ring.

o Tuolumne Meadows Lodge, located in the high country of Tuolumne Meadows, offers tent cabins on a cement floor with canvas walls, and can hold up to four people. There is no electricity, but there are candles and a wood burning stove. The Lodge is only open June through September.

o White Wolf Lodge, located on the Tioga Road about 30 miles from Yosemite Valley, offers tent cabins on a concrete floor with canvas sides. There is no electricity in the cabins, but candles and a wood burning stove come with every cabin. They are open mid-June through September 1.

o High Sierra Camps are essentially for back country hikers. Spread out on a loop spaced about 5 to 10 miles apart, they provide canvas-sided tents with steel frame bunks. There are restroom facilities available, but hikers need to bring their own linens and towels. These cabins are only available in the summer months, usually June through early September.

Cabins Outside the Park

Not all cabin rentals in Yosemite National Park are located inside park boundaries, but some are extremely close by.

o Yosemite West offers lodging and cabins outside the park near the Badger Pass Ski Area and on the Wawona Road, in Oakhurst, California. It is located outside the park boundary, and about 30 miles from the valley, but it’s much closer to Glacier Point and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias.

o On Highway 120 outside the Big Oak Flat Entrance west of the park, you can find a wide variety of hotels, and cabins, just a stone’s throw from the road into the park.

o On Highway 140 outside the Arch Rock Entrance, you’ll find numerous cabins and lodging, some along the Merced River, just about 30 to 40 minutes from the main part of Yosemite Valley. One of the major towns with lodging in this area is El Portal, but there are others, too.

So, if you’re looking for cabin rentals in Yosemite National Park, you have your choice from rustic tent cabins to romantic, woodsy cabins, and just about everything in between!