Cable Basket: What It Is, How It Is Used, and the Advantages

What Is A Cable Basket?

A cable basket is a form of cable tray that is constructed out of a wire mesh material, and it is used to provide support for data cables. Proper cable management is facilitated because cables are kept organized and all in one place. It is typically used when there are a plethora of small cables to be wired. Data cables are small in nature compared to electrical wires or other wires and cables that are much heavier in nature.

When the cable installation involves heavier wires, it is common that a more solid tray be used. This type of tray is typically made out of steel. The solid tray is made out of steel to protect it from corrosion due to exposure to the elements, the installation almost always involves running some of the wires outdoors. Baskets, though far lighter than the typical tray, are also made to last against the elements. Though baskets are not made out of solid steel in the same way that the trays are, the baskets are made to be protected against corrosion and will last for a long time. Additionally, the more solid cable tray provides support for the heavier wires.

How It Easily Facilitates Cable Distribution and Cable Management

A cable basket facilitates easy cable distribution and cable management because all that has to be done is that the wires are laid inside of the baskets, rather than pulling it through pipes. Because pulling these wires through pipes is definitely more difficult and time consuming, dropping the wires into cable baskets takes only a fraction of the time and allows for the cables to easily be distributed around the building. Baskets run along the building in the same way that pipes do, except that they are open, allowing easy access to the wires but still providing protection to the wiring. The openness enables the wires to be maneuvered in a hassle-free way, hence the reason baskets are the most preferred when it comes to data cables over open wiring and other conventional methods of installation and cable management.

The Advantages of Using Cable Baskets

Using cable baskets presents a number of advantages during a cable installation, as well as after that. There are two main advantages to using a basket during the installation. One advantage that is most appealing is that baskets are lighter and much easier to use compared to the tray, since the cable tray is more cumbersome. Another advantage to using these baskets during an installation is that many more installations can be completed within a given day because of the quickness and ease that baskets provide. Advantages after the cables have been installed include, but are not limited to, being able to make changes to the cables with little or no difficulty (The openness of the baskets allows for this to be easily done) and providing optimal protection for the wires.

Being that cable runs are frequent in a premise and often subject to changes, it is fitting that a cable basket or cable tray be used. These allow for changes to be made easily so as to adapt to changing cabling requirements.