Cable Tray – A Support System To Manage All Types Of Wires

Cable Trays have become a necessary part of all the industries and commercials, as it is the most powerful solution to manage all the wires and cables through offering economic, flexible, and quick solution. The trains are adapted to provide a great support to Power Distribution Cables, Telecommunication Wiring, Sensitive Control Wiring, High Voltage Power Lines, Optical Cables, etc. The corrosion resistance system is fabricated with the variety of material so the manufacturers can provide multiple options for all the users. The choice of material is determined by the installation environment and cost so the users will get all the solutions for great advantages. Choose the material required for your industry carefully so the trays can deliver constant results over the time with less or no damages.

Different Types Of Material To Choose From –

  • Aluminum – From high strength to the ideal weight, the aluminum fabricated trays offer great benefits and corrosion resistance properties. The ease of installation and the feature of being light in weight is the main reason it is chosen as the preferred choice. It is maintenance free and ideal for cost considerations. It has the great power to reduce the damages to minimum and is non-magnetic in nature.
  • Stainless Steel – The great strength and high creep strength material is the best at tolerating a variation of temperatures so that it can bear all the damages and offer a high performance in the array. Since the trays are made with the stainless steel, the problem of environmental damages and chemical reactions has been reduced to minimal. The material is highly resistant to dyestuffs, a number of organic and inorganic chemicals, etc.
  • Mild Steel – The trays are formed with the best quality steel materials with the enhanced mechanical strength for keeping the damages at the bay. Since the material is not as good as stainless steel for resisting the corrosion, the properties are determined by the environment factors. For protecting the trays from damages, it is covered with the different finishing as well as to provide a great resistance to the same.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized – The cost effective option to provide great strength to normal steel installations, hot dip galvanization is the process that is carried for great mechanical strength and robust performance through the industries. The trays are immersed in the molten zinc resulting in the coating of the system for better protection.
  • Pre-Galvanized – Recommended for indoor use, the pre galvanized trays are fabricated in a rolling mill while passing them through molten zinc. The cuts and holes are left bare for the process of welding as for direct contact of heat. The process of self healing also takes place at the same time.