Caframo Wood Stove Fan Review

Homeowners who have a wood burning stove love the advantages it gives them to warm their home during the chilly fall and winter months. Although these stoves save a lot of money in electricity and heating bills, families find themselves huddled around the stove for warmth instead of the warm air circulating the room. If circulation is an issue with your wood burning stove, give this fan a try. This small device requires no electricity and can help to heat the entire room.

Product Includes:

– 8-inch blades

– No electrical needed for operation

– Able to operate between 230 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit


– Effectively moves heat throughout the room

– No electrical cords, extension cords or batteries needed to operate

– Consumers can expect up to 10 percent savings on heating bills

– Quite operation


– High temperature needed for peak performance

– May not be suitable for heating larger spaces

Our Take

Last winter was rough – bitter cold temperatures kept the entire family inside seeking warmth from our wood burning stove. While we got a lot of use out of the stove last season, we were disappointed that the stove only kept a certain amount of space around it warm and was not able to move the warm air around the entire room. Before the cold weather sets in for this year, we decided to start looking for ways to solve this problem and came across the Caframo Wood Stove Fan.

This fan claims it can move the warm air from the wood burning stove around the room without using any electricity. This was very appealing to us since using the wood burning stove was a means for us to save on electric bills in the winter. We decided to take it home for a test run and, sure enough, when the wood stove reached the appropriate temperature, the fan kicked on and helped to begin circulating the air from the stove all around our family room.

The Caframo Wood Stove Fan was great for heating our family room. We found that only the furthest areas of the room remained a little chilly, which was not really a problem. However, if the room is larger, the small fan would more than likely need some help to get the warmer air to go through the entire room. Overall, we were very impressed with the fan and think it is an ideal solution for homeowners with smaller spaces trying to save money on winter utility bills.