CakePHP – Less Coding, More Fun – How?

CakePHP can be best defined as an open source development framework for the new generation coders. Based on PHP scripting language & MVC architecture, CakePHP provides its users with extremely easy programming digest and friendly guide for development.

It is easy to create objective modules in CakePHP with its well-segregated building components. For a beginner like me it has been always easy to have the CakePHP built-in validation features – that allow you to comply with the major rules and conventions of PHP development, with dynamic trackback options. Taking care of your leads at every instance of development, Cake’s dynamic built-in support allows you to gain all the momentum needed in developing lengthy codes and controlling your tasks flawlessly.

Another noteworthy thing about the Cake framework is, it requires less coding and allows you to set-up database effortlessly. With Cake’s well-organized library, you get code assemblies to build different functionalities and object modules. Powered by easy instructions, these exclusive code events let you effortlessly command the attributes that you need in your application without having to look inside-out and wasting much of your time.

I have seen many of my friends shifting to this framework just because they wanted to have liberty of doing things excessively, at one place.

Another important thing that makes CakePHP so desirable is its powerful scaffolding features that are highly instrumental in building prototypes rapidly. With CakePHP scaffolding features you can interactively create, retrieve, update and delete objects and define how objects are related to each other, most easily! CakePHP has been also different in the way it offers flexibility to its users. Flexible Caching and ACL (Access Control List) offers great benefits to its users by letting them interact with all those entities the way they want and retrieve the needed information most suitably.

More to it, the interactive and dynamic CakePHP framework allows a great platform for customization. This is one of the major reasons it has become the first choice for different industries and businesses who like to have solutions that meet their expectations fully and dependably.

The robust, authentic and steadfast CakePHP framework provides great measures for secured web development with its sharp security features like CSRF protection and XSS prevention.

These features are just a hint to what we actually get in real terms. CakePHP development virtually celebrates the idea of free information and consolidative programming with excellent approach towards contemporary web dimensioning – to produce scalable solutions for all.

This is the reason why CakePHP development has been welcomed by more than a million developers worldwide, making it the most sought after open source framework that we have today!