Callaway Putters

Callaway golf club, even though quite young owns Top Flite, Ben Hogan and Odyssey brands. Callaway putters are the most preferred amongst the players across the world.

Callaway Tour Blue Putter

Tour Blue Putter of Callaway with its technology, and precision provides excellent top scores with world-class efficiency and quality. If a player looks for enhanced level of performance and reputation in professional tournaments, then having a putter with cutting edge technology and superior quality is a must. Under these circumstances Callaway putters comes to mind, as they never fail.

Tour Blue Putters are so efficient that they produce excellent shots from professional and amateur players alike. Even though it is highly priced around $299, the equipment significantly reduces the trauma and fatigue of players from executing numerous shots.

As the name suggests it is in a blue color made of light titanium. The high heat process involved in its manufacturing gives it’s appealing and exotic combination of blue and gold color. Titanium, the lightest metal used in its manufacturing helps the player to place the weight of the putter.

Tour Blue Putters are available in three models TT1, TT2 and TT3. The standard full shaft offset blade putter with toe and heel weighting and shallow face is TT1. TT2 has a standard half shaft offset model with extreme toe and heel weighting. The mallet putter with more weight on the putter head is TT3.

All the models consist of 70 degrees of lie and 3 degrees of loft and shaft lengths ranging from 33-36 inches according to the height and putting styles of the players. In all the models, putter faces are milled to flat perfection with CNC machine.

Callaway White Hot XG7 Mallet Putter

XG7 Mallet Putter helps in technically improving a person’s game. The equipment boasts all the innovative class of the XG line. It is well equipped with ergonomicand an economic shaft that gives consistency and comfort to the player. The weighted head makes hitting the sweet spot increasingly easy. The elastomer helps in distance control and enhances the feel.

The innovations in the putter help in taking the product a long way. The Fang, which is a weighted alignment wing, brings increased force on the ball at the time of impact. So once a player concentrates on his skills during play, the putter enhances its performance with the help of innovative technology. The new alignment system present in the putter begins with half ball shaped cavity at the back of the club, giving the player the correct address and completing with three red dots on the top line. This putter definitely helps a seasoned player, showing him the results of taking part in major tournaments with advanced and innovative equipment.


The callaway putters equipped with innovative and advanced technology helps professionals and amateurs alike in enhancing their performances and bringing significant results in major tournaments. So with many players across the world preferring this equipment, it ino wonder the brand of callaway became a global brand in a short span