Calorie Shifting Diet Plan – A New Weight Loss Program

Working out in the gym may be a novelty as you embark on a weight reducing plan. You might be too tired or busy or unmotivated to make your way to the gym for those workouts to keep your weight loss consistent. It is hard to be consistent in any weight loss program that gives quick results in a short period. Most diet plans require you to count your calories and make a diary of what you eat so you can track what goes into your body.

Calorie Shifting Diet

Another weight loss program is in town. A calorie shifting diet may be the weight loss program that has eluded you for losing weight consistently all this while; this diet program does not require you to keep count of every morsel you put into your mouth or body, and allows you to enjoy some of your favorite dishes.

Though this diet plan does not insist on a gym workout, exercises are never excluded from a healthy program. Exercises only serve to maximize the diet’s effect when implemented in conjunction with the diet plan. You are at liberty to consume as much as you want and still get rid of some pounds.

Weight loss

You will be able to get rid of about 9 calories in the first 11 days of your program startup, which is a great achievement that not many diet programs can offer. The bottom line is that you will lose more pounds if you stay on the program longer.

Cause and Effect

When your body takes in food with different calorie intakes, it adjusts its metabolism to digest these foods, unlike starvation programs in which the scarce food intake causes the body’s metabolism to become lower.


One great benefit of embarking on this Calorie Shifting program is that your food requirements in the food plan are easily available in your home. Traditional dieting requires the dieter to watch every piece he or she eats, but calorie shifting gives way to easy management of the meals as you do not need to plan and stress yourself over the menu.

This weight loss program is gaining such popularity that there are many resources available about it in books and on the Internet. You only need to adapt slightly to enjoy this program with little stress and effort. Check your weight now and in eleven days to note the remarkable difference. You’d be pleased.