Camper Awnings

An awning is a covering attached to the exterior wall of a building that is designed to act as a sunshade. It is a typically outdoor arrangement consisting of canvas or acrylic fiber cloth that is stretched tightly over a light framed structure of aluminum, steel, or wood.

Awnings are generally found on the outside of buildings, either above a window, door, on the patio, or above the area along a sidewalk. If columns are provided to independently support the frame, an awning is able to stand by itself or extend enough from a building to cover the entrance, as is customary in the case of high class hotels and restaurants.

Camper awnings are either of retractable type fixed to the side of the camper or stand-alone type light framed structures. They are available in many versions and can add visual interest to a camper as well as provide temporary shade for the entrance, and windows. The entire awning system is specially designed so as to be quick and easy to install, set up, and disassemble. Camper awnings are generally durable and dependable. They come in a variety of colors and designs. The awnings are always installed such that the roof fabric stays above the camper windows and doors to act as a shield from the sun or create a temporary outdoor patio. When using a retractable version, usually the shades can be unrolled and positioned when the camper is to be parked for a long duration.

Camper awnings usually come as knocked down kits that include arms or braces, horizontal rafters, and the overhanging vinyl blinds or fabric shades. The manufacturers always provide detailed assembly instructions along with the kits, to enable swift accident-free assembly of the awning. These low-maintenance awnings can be installed any time on any kind of camper. When the awning has to be installed, all that is generally required is to simply release the braces and fasten a few poles.