Camping Hints and Tips

Going camping is a really popular pastime, and if you want to rent a cottage and hike all day or relax and camp in a tent under the stars, you'll have options. You have to come prepared, though, or it can be exceedingly difficult to camp and really enjoy yourself.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is your tent. If you are not sure which one to get go to a camping store, do some online research, and / or consult with people who camp regularly to get some advice on a tent that will meet your needs. How many people you're taking with you on the trip and how many of them will be sharing a tent are important things to know at that point. Do not let someone talk you into the most expensive tent that's out there, though, because you probably do not need that. There are less expensive offerings that will work just as well – but do not buy the cheapest thing, either. You want your tent to keep you safe and dry. While you're getting a tent you'll probably want to get a sleeping bag. Make sure it's comfortable, big enough, and warm enough, especially if you'll be doing any camping when the weather is cool.

Some people also buy a small grill or cook stove so they can cook their food without needing to build a big fire and guess when the food might be cooked. You do not want to accidently poison yourself during your camping weekend . After you've dealt with these particular issues, it's vital that you spend some time selecting the right clothing for the trip. You should have boots that are weather resistant and that repel water, so your feet will not get soaked. You also want clothing that's lightweight but warm and you'll want to have some extra socks and other clothing in whatever backpack you buy so that you'll always be able to change your clothing if it gets wet. A sudden rainstorm can leave you wet and cold and miserable, even on an otherwise warm day, and it takes a while to dry out. Get a backpack that's lightweight but big, so you can carry everything that you need. Food and water (as well as a filter or water purifying tablets) are essential, and you might also want a deck of cards, a good book, or something similar for those times when it might be rainy and you're stuck in your tent .