Camping is More Fun When You Are Prepared

Camping can be a fun family experience. It is a great chance to get closer to each other and spend quality family time together away from all the stress everyday life can bring. Whether you chose to camp in an isolated area in the woods or a local campground, being prepared will make the trip a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. It can be very difficult to relax if you have to run to the store every ten minutes to grab something you forgot. Make a checklist before you leave to make sure you take everything you need. This article will discuss the basic necessities for camping. Be sure to take any specific items your family may require.

First and foremost you need shelter. For RVing families this is pretty simple. If you plan to rent a cabin be sure to do so in advance to insure availability. If you are going to camp in a tent make sure you have the tent and all the stakes and ropes for proper assembly. Make sure to have a hammer handy to pound the stakes into the ground. Once you have shelter covered the next item on the list should be basic everyday necessities. Clothes, extra shoes, towels, wash cloths, swim wear, food, cooking utensils and appliances, plates, plasticware, napkins, table cloth, etc. These items are things everyone thinks to pack for any trip. Try not to bring a lot of perishable food unless you have a portable cooler. Make sure to bring an inflatable mattress and warm sleeping bag if you intend to tent camp. Also, bring your own sheets if you are staying in a cabin.

Other basic items for a camping trip are fishing gear, books, folding lawn chairs, a first aid kit, clothing line (for extended trips), dish soap, laundry soap, and rain gear (just in case). A lot of these items are often forgot about until you get everything set up and ready to go at the camp site. No one wants to spend the entire trip standing or sitting on the nearest rock. Take activities for the car ride as well if the trip is long. Anything your family enjoys such as books, movies, music, etc. Hair care accessories, shower shoes, and extra blankets are also great to have on hand.

Other items to consider taking on a family camping trip are a GPS, a 12 volt television, portable satellite TV system, and hand held CB radios. GPS units are great when you are venturing into the great unknown; finding something as simple as the nearest grocery store can be hard if you're not familiar with the town. The GPS navigation system can get you to your camp site, and show you around the town, all by simply programming your destination. Having a 12 Volt television and portable satellite on hand are simply for entertainment purposes. When the sun goes down and the glow of the fire just is not interesting anymore, being able to flip on the TV and watch your favorite shows will seem priceless.

The last item I mentioned in this list is a hand held CB radio. These can come in handy in a lot of different situations. Use them to communicate with family while you explore the woods and streams, or use them in case of an emergency (such as getting lost on such explorations). These little devices can prove to be a true lifeline when you need them most. Having all these items, as well as any family specific item you may require, can make a camping trip turn into a great family memory.